Random DNS lookups by Chrome

After a couple hours of boredom waiting for a conference to start, I decided to fire up Wireshark and see what I could see across the wireless.  I was greeted with the first few packets appearing to be my machine reaching out to random domains on the internet (see below). Something was attempting to lookup random … [Read more…]

Sendmail took down my site!

After a week of being very busy with other things, I wanted to take a few minutes and check on my blog only to be greeted by “Site cannot be reached.” SSH’ing into the site resulted in a similar response. So what happened? A week prior, I decided that I needed to migrate Sendmail over … [Read more…]

Oh you sneaky bastards!

Equifax lost over 140 million customer’s personal information during a recent breach.  44% of Americans just lost control over their social security, drivers license, and credit card numbers along with their names, birth date, addresses…basically everything required to start building false identities and robbing them blind. The company’s initial response is to give us all free … [Read more…]

Welcome to the new blog site!

I’ve finally gone pro!  Both my previous blogs have been migrated over to this new site running my own private domain.  The site is still in flux at the moment, but I’m hoping to grow it as time goes on.

Does Twitter really suck this bad?

​Why does everyone in security keep saying they get all their news off Twitter?   Am I just old school for wanting my RSS feeds and podcasts? My primary news source for almost everything is still my RSS feeds and Feedly. I scroll through at least once a day, read a few, toss the few … [Read more…]