Multiple Cisco IOS/IOS XE vulnerabilities posted

Folks – it’s time to tick everyone off with network maintenance windows!  Cisco PSIRT released 30 vulnerabilities in their router firmware across multiple versions of IOS and IOS EX.  Three critical vulnerabilities include one hard-coded credential affecting all IOS XE routers running IOS XE v16, and two which affect v15 under certain conditions.  Fifteen high risk … [Read more…]

Lab setup

The draft for this project has changed three times since starting – mostly due to resource constraints on my end.  I’ve bounced between hardware, hypervisors, and focus but I’ve settled on an approach.  My immediate needs outweighed the need for a full VMWare stack.  What I really needed was a FreeNAS replacement, and after trying … [Read more…]

Differences between TCP and UDP

TCP and UDP are two very different protocols.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the years explaining these two issues to our power engineers and technicians.  What better topic to post here. TCP is more reliable but has more overhead. Probably the most important thing to realize is only TCP has a true … [Read more…]